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I’m Tania Lang, a career UXer, Founder and Principal of PeakXD – a leading Australian UX consultancy. I help individuals and organisations create engaging user experiences through research, design & testing.   

I do this in two ways:
  • PeakXD Consulting: helping hundreds of clients with user research, UX design and usability testing since 2003 
  • Coaching & Training: mentoring individuals and organisations to develop their own UX capabilities so they can be empowered to design better user experiences
Since 2005 we have delivered User experience (UX) training courses to over 3,000 participants. This training is delivered in person at our UX intensive 3 day training, or our online Accelerator Program - where you can work on a real project and get coaching from senior UX experts from PeakXD (learn from experts). Having worked with many large organisations with limited resources, we understand what tools and techniques work in the real world.