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This short course is essential viewing for anyone looking to sidestep into a UX career.
6-part course
How to start your UX career
Do you ever feel...?
  • Frustrated that no-one cares about users?
  • ​That you want to fix problems for customers but don't know how?
  • Isolated - that no one is listening?
  • Like an imposter? That you're not qualified to talk about the user?
In this 6-lesson course you will learn:
  • What a typical day looks like for a UX designer
  • If you have the skills and personal attributes for a career in UX
  • ​How to engage stakeholders and build empathy for your customers
  • ​How to know if that UX course is worth your time and money
  • ​Strategies to build your confidence and launch your UX career
Video 1: What is UX Design?
  • ​What is UX design and ...what it is not?   
  • ​UI vs UX vs CX – what is the difference? 
  • ​User-centred design process & methods
  • ​Putting it all together – A UX case study
Video 2: UX careers
  • ​Is a UX career right for you?   
  • ​Personal attributes and skills needed
  • ​Roles & activities - understanding the T
  • ​A typical day for a UX designer
  • ​The UX job market
Video 3: Learning UX
  • ​Going it alone - teaching yourself UX
  • ​Different ways to learn
  • ​Evaluate & identify a good UX course
  • ​Know what questions to ask
Video 4: Gain experience and credibility
  • ​Gain UX Experience    
  •  Tips on creating portfolio
Video 5: Steps for getting that UX job you want
  • ​What employers are looking for? 
  • Tips to the things to include in resume
  • ​How to tap into the hidden job market?
  • ​Tips for UX job interview
Video 6: Build confidence and further your UX career
  • ​Selling the benefits of UX design    
  •  Business needs vs user needs
  • ​Engage stakeholders and build empathy
  • ​Advancing your UX career

Success stories from people we have helped with their UX career

I’m Tania Lang, a career UXer, Founder and Principal of PeakXD – a leading Australian UX consultancy. I help individuals and organisations create engaging user experiences through research, design & testing.   

I do this in two ways:
  • PeakXD Consulting: helping hundreds of clients with user research, UX design and usability testing since 2003 
  • Coaching & Training: mentoring individuals and organisations to develop their UX capabilities so they can be empowered to design better user experiences
Since 2005 we have delivered User experience (UX) training courses to over 3,000 participants across Australia. This training is delivered in person and online  - we give you opportunities to work on real projects and get coaching from senior UX experts from PeakXD. We understand what tools and techniques work in the real world.
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